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Verona, a night at the opera

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The Verona Arena gets a face-lift for its Verdi Festival.

Verona's ArenaThis year you've one extra excuse to treat yourself to a night at the opera. Or rather three extra excuses, because this year the Verona Arena opens its summer season with three important innovations: new flooring, new seats and above all, a great new stage, which, according to its designers, will guarantee an even greater quality of sound. One thing is for sure, opera fans from all over the world have already booked their tickets and are ready to ring in the changes in what promises to be one of the Arena's most important seasons ever.
One word of warning: if you're not a fan of Giuseppe Verdi you'll not be impressed by the Arena's programme for the 2001 summer season. Indeed, on this the centenary of Verdi's death, the Arena treats itself to a face-lift and dedicates the whole summer to the composer from Busseto, in the province of Parma.

There are changes in the orchestra pit which loses 9 metres in length but gains 2 in depth thereby highlighting the importance of the conductor.
What about the weather? They can't guarantee against showers but this year the Arena does guarantee the musicians will continue singing in the rain thanks to a new rain shelter which will automatically cover the stage and orchestra in the case of bad weather.
There are changes too in seating arrangements: 600 of the 2nd sector stalls have been upgraded to 1st sector ones with a corresponding change in price (from LIT 200/220 - LIT 270/300). And there's good news for the 'hottest' seats in the Arena - from this year seating on the steps will be wider and there'll be an extra few rows of stalls - at 'discount' (if there is such a concept for opera) prices.

Giuseppe VerdiLast but not least let's take at look at the operas in programme for Verdi 2001: Requiem Mass, Il Trovatore, Aida, Nabucco, Rigolettoand La Traviata. Some of the world's most important directors, conductors, singers, musicians and choreographers will make the festival one of Verona's most memorable yet. Our pick of the season is Il Trovatore directed by Franco Zeffirelli with Daniel Oren from Israel conducting. Il Trovatore with its stirring mix of resentment, enchantment, hate, vengeance, murder and intrigue has always been one of Verdi's most popular operas. Taste some of the magic for yourselves this summer in the world's most beautiful open-air opera house.

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