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Life's a beach

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It's back to the swinging sixties for this season's sizzling collection of swimwear. Let's make a splash . . .

beachwear 2001The itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikini brigade will be disappointed by this summer's return to sixties elegance and sophistication à la Jackie O. This year full briefs are back in fashion - good news for those of us 'blessed' with real hips but, alas and alack, unforgiving if you've got a few extra pounds piled around your middle - and, after a long winter hidden under comfy layers, who hasn't? So it's flat tummies all round matched with triangle bras (although bandeau styles are beginning to make a comeback) for a look that's more intriguing than revealing. This season's beachwear exudes money and luxury and the look isn't complete without the right accessories. Must-haves to keep the heat up this summer are sixties-style headscarves, bug-eyed sunglasses, sarongs, gossamer-light shawls and roomy shoulder bags. Make-up and jewellery-junkies rejoice as both are essential this year to look good under the sun. It's a case of 'who dares swims' at Argentovivo, where models stride across the sand in brightly coloured bikinis, purple varnish on their nails and jewel-encrusted bracelets on their wrists (it doesn't matter if the jewellery is fake or imitation - the key word for this look is impact).
The all-in-one swimsuit is back in fashion againThe all-in-one swimsuit is back in fashion again after years of neglect, in both classic styles from sport labels such as Superga, and more elegant cuts from the fashion labels. Colour wise there's something for everyone: from flowery patterns to ethnic designs and zebra prints not forgetting the classical block colour in black, navy, light blue, white and beige.
There's also a wide choice of materials available: cotton, lycra, mock-croc, leather-look as well as high-tech fabrics designed to keep you looking cool when the temperatures go up.

The same applies to beach boys - the choice is endless: with a wide variety of colours and prints as well as the more traditional black and white or navy and white stripes.
"Surf-boy shorts or skimpy trunks?" There's no rules this season - just go with the flow and let your real self show.

Modamare - - Summer 2001 beachwear showcased at Modamare (in Italian only)
Parah - - Swimwear by the Italian designers Parah.
Jackie O - - All you need to know about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Superga - - Swimwear for the sporty types

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