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Sorrento's Ports

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Information at a glance on Sorrento's three ports: Marina Piccola, Marina Grande and Piano di Sorrento – Marina di Cassano. Italian only but easy-to-understand (even for the linguistically challenged).

The local committee of the Federazione Italiana Vela (Italian only)
Take to the sea with the Italian Sailing Federation. Courses for beginners and experts in Campania.

Learn to sail in the Bay of Naples with Seawind (tours and charters also available) and who knows, you may even tour the magnificent Punta Campanella marine park.

Sailing courses also available at the Circolo Nautico Marina di Alimuri

Hire or charter a boat at the nearby ports of Naples and Formia with Sun n' Sail

All the comforts of a catamaran for your tour of Sorrento with Quandrantesud

Weather in the Bay of Naples
Weather Map
Sorrento on line (English version coming soon)


Getting there
Hotels online
Tourist Board (English version coming soon)
Quick tour guide
Detailed tourist information

Ship building enthusiasts and maritime historians should pay a visit to the pretty beach of Alimuri on the Sorrento Peninsula. In the past the beach was thronged with ship's carpenters and outfitters as they built the brigs and brigantines of the official Neopolitan Fleet (Naples was the capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies), and later, of the Italian Fleet. The beach's position made it a natural harbour and some remains of its former glory can still be found in its limestone caves. (Information from the Circolo Nautico Marina di Alimuri)

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