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San Remo - a city for all seasons

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San Remo is blooming brilliant

Famous for its song festival and casino, San Remo's Liberty façades and luxuriant flower gardens hide traces of the Tsars and Mr Nobel himself.There's much more to San Remo than music. Famous for hosting the Italian Song Festival, San Remo offers a wide range of attractions to the visitor. From Italy's flower capital (città dei fiori) in February to songville at the start of March, as well as hosting a Rally and the famous Milan-San Remo cycle race. And when the sun goes down the casino opens and the fun starts all over again.

Flower Power

San Remo is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Mediterranean. Its importance as a resort goes back to the 19th century when the town was favoured by European aristocracy and eminent figures of the time. Thanks to its mild climate San Remo has an almost tropical look to it and its flowers are in bloom all year round. Indeed San Remo is one of the Mediterranean's most important centres for the production of flowers. As well exporting blooms throughout Europe it is internationally renowned for the high standard of its growers and hybridists. To find out more contact:San Remo's is synonymous with flowers. Its emblem is a flower and flowers are the focus of one of its most famous events "San Remo in Fiore" (San Remo in flower). All laid out on its floral Liberty backdrop of elegant villas and scented gardens. For a glance at San Remo visit this site

High Life

The town's history is teeming with eminent historical figures, all of whom left their own particular mark on it. The Russian empress the Tsaress Maria Alexandrovna, resided here for three months during the winter of 1876. Frederick III of Russia found out that he has become Emperor of Germany during a prolonged stay in San Remo (today his villa hosts the Tourist Office). Alfred Nobel lived in San Remo during the last years of his life where he got the inspiration for his world-famous Prizes.
Tsaress Maria Alexandrovna, Alexander II's wife, started off the fashion for Russian aristocracy to spend their winters in the sunnier climes of the Riviera. She donated a series of palm trees for seafront as a sign of her gratitude to the town. And San Remo reciprocated by naming one of it's main streets, Corso Imperatrice, after her.
San Remo can thank the presence of the Russian aristocracy for its splendid Orthodox Church with its wonderful bulbous domes. Yet another of the many surprises that San Remo has in store for the visitor.

A Safe Bet

San Remo's Casino is another of the town's main attractions and gamblers flock from near and far to stake their bets on its baize tables. It was designed and built in Liberty style in 1905 by the French architect, Eugenio Ferret, who also was its first manager.

The casino has played an important role in the town's history, hosting in 1951 the first edition of the San Remo Song Festival. The Casino complex also includes a theatre, Teatro dell'Opera, where Italy's major touring companies regularly perform. The theatre's programme includes a selection of the best classic and modern plays - always a safe bet for a good night's entertainment. Look at photos from past performances: and also this or this, the last two are the English and Italian versions of the San Remo council web site.

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